UF Health Proton Therapy Institute

UK Couple Comes to Jacksonville For Cancer Treatment, Weds At UF Health Proton Institute

A UK couple came to Jacksonville in April as David Leek and Bobbie Godden, and will be leaving Mr. and Mrs. David Michael Leek Sr.

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City of Jacksonville

All of the rain in the forecast is expected to make for a wet Jazz Festival this weekend.

Catalyst Development Partners of Atlanta said Tuesday it will break ground in June to build the 147-unit luxury Home Street Apartments, also referred to as the San Marco Apartments, although the name will change.

Agnes Lopez

The Filipino community is Jacksonville’s largest immigrant group, according to our Florida Times-Union partner. However, many do not know about the sacrifices made by the group during WWII.

Local photographer Agnes Lopez joined First Coast Connect Tuesday to discuss her passion to preserve the culture with some compelling portraits.

Mgreason / Wikimedia Commons

Jacksonville boasts that it has one of the largest and unique park systems in the nation with more than 400 parks and recreational sites but the Trust for Public Land found the city lagging behind the park systems of 84 other U.S. cities.

Jacksonville City Council Elects Bowman As President, Wilson As V.P.

11 hours ago
The Daily Record

City Council members elected Aaron Bowman as council president and Scott Wilson as vice president Tuesday.

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For decades, one of the most popular exhibits at the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum in Key West was "lift a gold bar." Until eight years ago — when two men lifted it. As in stole it.

If you thought sea-level rise was the greatest immediate threat to South Florida’s future, you may need to think again.

There’s growing concern that the perception of the sea-level rise threat by insurers, banks and investors might submerge South Florida before rising seas do.

Parts of Florida are experiencing several days of rain, which is expected in a state notorious for its afternoon thunderstorms. But May is supposed to be one of Florida’s driest months.

With the dry season experiencing this much rainfall, Floridians could face the threat of severe flooding when the rainy season starts.

Florida House of Representatives / Via Wikimedia Commons

Early polling shows many Republican lawmakers don’t support a Democratic proposal to return to Tallahassee this summer for a special session to address public-school funding.

America’s longest-running folk music festival takes place this coming weekend, Friday through Sunday May 25-27.

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National News

Take a look at the corrections page. We're making the same kinds of mistakes over and over. Names. Numbers. Titles. We're getting those, and other things, wrong.

This month has been especially busy. From reporters to producers to editors, it's clear that we aren't always double-checking the basics.

The result is that some great stories have corrections notes attached to them. That's a shame.

So, once again:

President Trump is weighing new protections for domestic automakers, saying American auto workers have "waited long enough."

Trump met Wednesday with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and instructed him to consider an investigation into possible tariffs on imported vehicles and auto parts.

A similar investigation launched last year resulted in a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and a 10 percent tariff on imported aluminum, although in many cases those tariffs have been suspended while the U.S. negotiates with exporting countries.

Immigrant children in the custody of U.S. border authorities allegedly suffered pervasive abuse ranging from insults and threats to physical assaults, according to documents reviewed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Luis Posada Carriles, a militant and former CIA operative who was lauded by many in the Cuban exile community for his efforts to overthrow Fidel Castro, has died, according to The Associated Press. He was 90.

"An extraordinary life has ended," Arturo Hernandez, a lawyer for the hardline exile, told the AP. "It's a very sad morning for me, to say farewell to such a great man."

Others were less admiring.

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