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Duval County Public Schools is rethinking its approach to gifted education. 

According to Duval Superintendent Nikolai Vitti, most middle schoolers aren’t getting gifted instruction unless they go to a magnet for gifted children, and it’s been that way for a decade.

Duval County Schools Get New Lunch Menu

Jul 22, 2016
Pressly Pratt

Duval County Public School students will have a brand new cafeteria menu next year.

The district held a tasting of the redesigned menu held at Paxon School for Advanced Studies on Friday.


The Florida State Board of Education is asking Duval Superintendent Nikolai Vitti to revise two of the district's school boundary changes.

Vitti attended the state meeting Thursday to present plans to fix six low-performing schools. Those include turning Oak Hill Elementary into a center for autistic kids and Hyde Grove into an early-learning center.

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Duval Health Officials say not enough kids in the county are getting vaccinated — but a new immunization center on the Southside could help change that.

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Duval School Superintendent Nikolai Vitti is recommending curriculum changes and additional professional development for teachers in three low-performing schools.

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The Duval School District may begin offering support for students who leave high school with a completion certificate instead of a diploma, because walking away with a certificate doesn’t leave students with many options.

More Duval County Students Practicing Abstinence

Jul 14, 2016
Duval County Public Schools

More Duval County middle and high schoolers are abstaining from sex.

The Center for Disease Control’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey shows the percent of Duval County middle schoolers who said they had sex decreased from 23 percent in 2009 to 13 percent in 2015.

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A disproportionately high number of Duval County’s black students are diagnosed with an emotional and behavioral disorder, and too few of them are considered gifted — that’s according to figures presented Tuesday at a school board workshop.

The district is working to narrow the large racial gaps.

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The Duval County School District may soon open a school catering to teens who have problems with substance abuse.

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The Duval County School Board is expected to approve an updated student Code of Conduct Monday evening.

The new policy is likely to result in fewer school suspensions, sending students instead to alternative to out of school suspension centers.

WJCT wanted to know from Duval students. Which punishment is more effective?

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The St. Johns County School District recently expanded its realm to include post-secondary education with the acquisition of First Coast Technical College.

Last Friday, the district took over administrative and operational duties after the college agreed to relieve itself of its charter status and its former president of her duties.

According to its website, the school had originally been under the direction of the St. Johns County School Board, but became a conversion charter school in 1999.

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The Duval County School Board went from seven to six members after Jason Fischer resigned to run for state House this month.

Now, the even-numbered board is considering changing its rule for breaking ties.


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If the Duval County School Board approves a contract with Edward Waters College, the school would lease one of the district's building for $1 per month, with the option to buy it for $10.

Some Board members are concerned that asking price is too low.


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Twelve candidates have qualified to run for Duval County School Board.

In order to appear on the ballot, candidates either raised at least $1,678.64 or collected around 800 petition signatures.


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The University of North Florida’s new student recreation center, Field House, is being recognized for its environmentally sustainable construction.