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Duval School Superintendent Nikolai Vitti said filling teacher vacancies will be a focus of next year’s budget.

As nationally fewer people are deciding to become teachers, Vitti said, during a workshop for next school year’s budget Tuesday, Duval is having trouble recruiting for the upcoming year. Over the last two years, the district recruited more than 500 new teachers from across the country. Duval currently has about 100 vacancies.

Colleges Decry Budget Cuts

Apr 7, 2017
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TALLAHASSEE — As the House and Senate prepare to take up their budget plans next week, state college leaders and students said Thursday the proposals contain unsustainable cuts for the 28-college system.

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The Duval County School Board unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday against state legislation that would require the district share some of its levied tax dollars with privately run public charter schools.

Board members gave a presentation against the legislation, which is gaining traction in the Senate and House.

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The Duval County School Board unanimously voted to hold off on voting on new districtwide school identification cards at Tuesday’s meeting.

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Duval County Superintendent Nikolai Vitti said he’s extremely concerned about state legislation that would encourage charter school takeovers of low-performing schools.

The bill, PCB EDC 17-03, passed the House education committee Thursday.