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The Federal Communications Commission chairman announced plans Tuesday to repeal Obama-era regulations on Internet service providers. The 2015 rules enforce what's called net neutrality, meaning that the companies that connect you to the Internet don't get to decide which websites load faster or slower, or charge websites or apps to load faster.

Your Thanksgiving Meal Prep Questions, Answered

1 hour ago

Thanksgiving is on Thursday. If you're hosting this year, are you ready?

For some, menu planning and turkey and sides cooking won't involve breaking a sweat. For the rest of us, the next two days may be fueled by anxiety — with maybe a pinch of panic.

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For a lot of Americans these days, Justin Trudeau is the anti-Donald Trump, especially on things like climate change.

A Delaware-sized iceberg has broken off of the Antarctic Peninsula

1 hour ago
Alex Newman/PRI

An iceberg bigger than the state of Delaware has snapped off of the West Antarctic ice shelf and is now floating in the Weddell Sea. 

At roughly 600 feet tall, with a volume twice that of Lake Erie, it is one of the largest icebergs ever recorded.

“It is absolutely massive,” said Heidi Sevestre, a glaciologist who is part of a research team called Project MIDAS that has been monitoring the growing crack for years. 

Rentsendorj Bazarsukh/Reuters

A baby cries for attention while his mother makes tea and tends a stove inside her family’s ger, or yurt. The air inside the heavy canvas walls is thick with the smells of smoke and cheese curd. Two older boys are playing outside.

It’s a scene that could be from any time in Mongolia going back hundreds of years, and just about anywhere in the country’s vast open plains, where families of nomadic herders have followed their livestock for countless generations.

I recently hobbled to the drugstore to pick up painkillers after minor outpatient knee surgery, only to discover that the pharmacist hadn't yet filled the prescription. My doctor's order of 90 generic Percocet exceeded the number my insurer would approve, he said. I left a short time later with a bottle containing a smaller number.

When I got home and opened the package to take a pill, I discovered that there were 42 inside.

10 Years Considered

2 hours ago

There's been a world of change in the ten years since NPR Music first started in November 2007. Consider how, just about a decade ago, All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen was publishing a list of his favorite "CDs" of 2007. It almost feels quaint now.

8 Rescued, 3 Missing After Navy Plane Crashes In Philippine Sea

2 hours ago

Updated at 10:15 a.m. ET

The Navy says eight people have been rescued and are "in good condition" after a propeller-driven C-2 Greyhound carrying 11 crew and passengers crashed in the Philippine Sea southeast of Okinawa, Japan.

"Search and rescue" for the remaining three people is still underway, the Navy says.

Before Houston flooded, there was Piura, Peru

2 hours ago
Mariana Bazo/Reuters

The weather in the Peruvian city of Piura has been extremely unusual for the last couple of years. First came a crippling drought in 2016 that dragged on so long, the government declared a state of emergency. Then, like the gods were answering prayers, it began to rain — but not the usual temperate rains. Starting this year in January, there were torrential downpours, every day, for months.

Yet what happened on March 27 shocked everyone.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Three weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, we’ve seen images of the destruction and heard stories about the lack of electricity and basic supplies like food and water in some areas.

But the main way we measure — and understand — the scope of any disaster is through the death toll.

The official count is now 48 deaths. But the news site Vox thought that number seemed off.