Veronica Hall

"First Coast Connect" intern

Veronica Hall is a senior at the University of North Florida, pursuing a psychology degree.

Along with psychology, Veronica is interested in broadcast journalism and is passionate about bridging these fields together in her future career as a news anchor.

Veronica enjoys surfing and spending days at the beach in her free time.

Jacksonville Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee is urging area residents to be mindful when driving as Jacksonville is one of the nation’s largest cities with the highest number of pedestrian deaths.

Veronica Hall / WJCT

The war between brick and mortar restaurants and food trucks in Jacksonville continues as a committee met at City Hall Wednesday to debate the current legislation that regulates food trucks. Chriss Brown of Jax Truckies offered a pro-food truck standpoint Thursday on First Coast Connect.

Veronica Hall / WJCT

Stacy Goldring introduced the First Coast Connect Book Club’s book of the month Tuesday, “A Man Called Ove.

This bestseller is about a crotchety, short-fused and suicidal old man named Ove, who just lost his wife.

Ove lives in a neighborhood that Goldring refers to as an “isle of misfits.” These “misfits” show Ove the value and importance of life and guide him away from suicide.

“The theme is you’ve got to feel useful and relevant,” Goldring said. “If you can feel relevant then you have a purpose in life.”


The line between church and state is in danger of becoming more blurred under the current administration, said Rob Boston, director of communications at Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Boston was on First Coast Connect on Wednesday to discuss issues he felt most pressing, including President Trump’s plan to sign an executive order to repeal the Johnson Amendment, which makes it illegal for any tax-exempt, non-profit organization to oppose or support political figures.

The Florida Legislature might vote to stop allocating money to the Florida Land Acquisition Trust Fund in the upcoming budget.

However, Jim McCarthy, chair of the North Florida Land Trust, said this goes against Amendment 1, which was passed by Florida voters by more than 70 percent in 2014, and shared his concerns about the issue Tuesday on First Coast Connect.