Vince Kong


Vince Kong is the Digital Content Editor and host of the WJCT News podcast, Redux.

Vince comes to WJCT in 2016 after working for about a decade in print, including stints in the Midwest, Northwest and Southwest. He relocated to Florida in 2014, serving as an editor for Treasure Coast Newspapers in Stuart. Before that, he spent roughly seven years as a reporter at the Albuquerque Journal in New Mexico. 

Originally from Chicago, Vince graduated with a bachelor's degree in English/creative writing from the University of Montana. When he’s not inside, sitting in front of multiple computer screens, Vince is enjoying craft beer, throwing Frisbees and attempting to walk his English bulldog, Rufus.

Follow him on Twitter @teamvincek.

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On this episode of Redux, the Friends of Hemming Park have a friend in Mayor Lenny Curry — at least for the next six months, anyway.

The city is giving the nonprofit more time to find more ways to improve the city’s marquee park. We’ll hear from the nonprofit’s interim CEO, nearby business owners and you, our listeners.

We also have a couple updates, including how one company wants to transform Jacksonville’s downtown into an innovation hub. And finally, remember when we brought you that story about Jacksonville becoming a skateboarding Mecca? Well, the idea of an urban skateboard safari idea is still on the table.

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Updated March 17 1:10 p.m.

On this episode of Redux, we’ll look at a dispute between one historic Jacksonville community, two non-profits and the Department of Justice that already will cost taxpayers millions of dollars — and possibly much more when the issue is settled.

Then, in collaboration with public radio stations throughout the state, we bring you our contribution to Decision Florida, which is a look at the issues during this legislative session. And finally, who says it’s a bad idea to play video games in class? Certainly not this Jacksonville middle school.

But first, one developer wants to make Jacksonville the home of the tallest structure in Florida.

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Updated March 17 1:05 p.m.

On this episode of Redux, we look at poverty on the First Coast.

In Duval County, roughly a third of the families here live on an income lower than what’s known as a “survival budget.”

Then there’s the homeless population on the First Coast, which has grown to more than 3,000, including approximately 2,000 in Jacksonville. We have an open letter from a homeless woman to Mayor Lenny Curry about how the city treats those without shelter.

But, homelessness isn’t exclusive to the urban core. We’ll look at what one organization is doing at the Beaches to help those most in need, help themselves. 

We also have an update on the Jacksonville Jaguars and the downtown shipyards project.

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We’re just days away from the start of the Florida legislative session.

From bills impacting how children on the First Coast play and exercise in schools to someday soon being able to have a vodka tonic while sitting at your favorite bistro in some of Jacksonville's historic districts, on this episode of Redux, we’re going to bring you what we’re keeping an eye on during the session.

Then, if you work downtown or just happen to be downtown during lunch, the food truck invasion has arrived. But first, in honor of Women’s History Month, we bring you a discussion with a pioneer of gender equality and Jacksonville resident, Nancy Hogshead-Makar.

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Drive around Jacksonville and you'll eventually see the Confederate Monument at Hemming Park or maybe the Women of the Southern Confederacy Monument.

While some view these sites simply as a reminder of the city’s past, others see these displays as a nod to a darker side of the River City.

On this episode of Redux, we'll hear from the experts as well as our listeners.

Then we’ll fill you in on mental health first aid on the First Coast, as well as bringing you a story about Jacksonville’s first streetcar suburb. And finally, we’ll have a tale about everyone’s favorite lumbering marine mammal. Here’s a hint, it has an egg-shaped head, flippers and a flat tail.

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On this episode of Redux, we look at law enforcement in the River City.

A recent poll shows mixed reviews for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, but overwhelming support for the use of police body cameras as citizens increase pressure on police to document its interactions on the street.

We talk to folks from the sheriff’s office, as well as the police union to find out: What’s the holdup?

Then, research shows bees are responsible for pollinating nearly a quarter of the food eaten by humans. We bring to you what’s being done here in Florida to help bees avoid extinction.

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On this episode of Redux, Jacksonvillians weigh in on the contentious debate over expanding the city’s human rights ordinance to include protecting the rights of LGBT folks. 

Then, little more than a year ago, Hurricane Joaquin slammed into the SS El Faro, sinking the cargo ship and killing all 33 people aboard.

While 28 families have since settled, we have an update on the five remaining families and their attempt to bring a civil lawsuit against the ship’s owner.

We also bring you the latest on a workforce diversity bill, which was prompted by a WJCT investigation, and the IceMen cometh to Jacksonville.

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There’s the Shipyard’s project, the Metropolitan Park project, the District, the Daily’s Place Amphitheater Project and of course the Laura Street Trio.

In other words, there isn’t a shortage of things to do when talking about revitalizing downtown Jacksonville, and we’re going to bring you the latest on this episode of Redux.

Also, with Super Bowl Sunday just days away, we'll being you a story about football, and how the Jacksonville Jaguars are looking to the past to revive the franchise — and possibly the city. 

Bonnie Zerr / WJCT

From increasing job prospects for those with criminal records to preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow, we’re focusing our attention on working on the First Coast.

Also, with spring training right around the corner, we’ll take a look at the River City’s connection to baseball’s past — or more specifically, what Jacksonville is doing to commemorate its historic Negro League team, the Red Caps.

But first, Jacksonville is being called one of the most divided cities in the country. Find out why on Redux.

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On this episode of Redux, we examine the line between prostitution and human trafficking by attempting to answer this one question: Do Prostitution Arrests Help Women Get Out Of Sex Trade?

We also have an update on the rebuilding effort of County Dock and other structures destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. And finally, the Greatest Show on Earth is coming to end, and we have the first female ringmaster in studio.

But first, we visit businesses at Jacksonville's iconic Landing after gunfire leaves one teenager dead on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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It’s not every day a multi-Emmy award winner hangs out in your workplace.

But it happened. And we’ll bring you hip hop violinist Damien Escobar on this episode of Redux.

We also give you the lowdown on the years-old saga involving the development of Metropolitan Park, and we’ll give an update about neonatal care in Orange Park.

But first, two stories that have gripped Jacksonville in recent years: expansion of the Human Rights Ordinance and pensions.

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Welcome to Redux, a weekly newsmagazine from WJCT and the news podcast of the First Coast.

On this episode of Redux, we work to clear up the confusion surrounding the passage of Amendment 2, Florida's medical marijuana bill; we make our predictions for 2017; exploding e-cigarettes; keeping New Year's resolutions; and a live performance from Grandpa's Cough Medicine. 

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On this episode of Redux, we bring you the best of 2016 from WJCT News.

Now what exactly do we mean by best? Well, we left that up to each WJCT News staff member.

You’ll hear from First Coast Connect host Melissa Ross, WJCT News Director Jessica Palombo, Morning Edition host Michelle Corum and reporters Ryan Benk and Lindsey Kilbride on what they feel were their best stories and interviews of 2016.

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Welcome to Redux, a weekly newsmagazine from WJCT and the news podcast of the First Coast.

On this episode of Redux, Jacksovnille's Al Letson returns home to discuss a project about the city's politcal/racial divide. Also, a grocery co-op is coming to the Northwest side of Jacksonville, in an area known as a food desert. 

We also have an update from the Jacksovnille Jumbo Shrimp, Amazon's arrival in the River City and stories about the holidays on the First Coast. 

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Welcome to Redux, a weekly newsmagazine from WJCT and the news podcast of the First Coast.

On this episode of Redux, we look at the overall health of Jacksovnille. Literally.

From the mental health of Jacksonville's youth to the concerns of local health professionals in the face of a new administration to an investigation into one of the area's largest mental health facilities, plus much more.