Amazon Launches Same-Day Delivery In Jacksonville As Walmart, Target Expand Services

May 2, 2018

Amazon is continuing to up its game in Jacksonville since opening fulfillment centers here . The latest volley: same-day delivery.

Amazon Prime members can now place morning orders and receive the shipment before bedtime, seven days a week, on orders over $35, according to the company.

Customers can check this web page to see if they live in one of Amazon’s same-day delivery zones.

This latest move comes just a week after Amazon announced Jacksonville is one of 37 cities across the county where the web retailer will deliver packages to locked cars that are unattended via a remote unlocking program.

That new program, launched on April 24, is an expansion of Amazon’s Key service, which also lets customers allow Amazon delivery personal into homes via remote door locks and cameras.

With two fulfillment centers, a delivery station and a warehouse in Jacksonville, Amazon recruited for about 4,000 jobs on the First Coast last year.

Other retailers aren't standing still. Walmart recently added online pickup areas across Jacksonville while Target has teamed up with Shipt to launch same-day delivery in Jacksonville and St. Augustine.

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