Downtown Jacksonville Hyatt Adding 3 Restaurants

Mar 12, 2018

While plans and names are tentative, the three new restaurant concepts coming to the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront could open by late summer.

The three are the SHOR Seafood Grill, the Tavern and The Market, although those names are subject to change, according to the Daily Record.

Hotel General Manager Luis Aloma said last week that, pending construction and materials, The Market could open toward the end of May; the SHOR Seafood Grill by the end of June; and the Tavern by the end of July.

The hotel lobby, at E. 225 Coastline Drive, was renovated after Hurricane Irma.

The Market, a grab-and-go concept, will operate 24 hours. It will serve hot food, hot breakfast sandwiches and Starbucks products as well as prepared foods for convenience.

“We have to cover all the taste buds of our diversified customers,” Aloma said. “It’s a great addition for our customers.” 

The SHOR Seafood Grill will serve as the hotel’s three-meal restaurant and can accommodate from 60 to 150 diners, with adjustable space.

The Tavern formerly was Currents Lounge. 

You can read a longer version of this story at the Daily Record.

Photo used under Creative Commons license.