Duval Clerk Of Courts Warning Of Scam Calls

Jan 5, 2018

The Duval County Clerk of Courts is warning of phone scammers impersonating the clerk's office.

The clerk's office said there’s an increase in scam calls coming from a number appearing to belong to the office. It’s called caller ID fraud or spoofing.

In a memo sent out Friday, the court clerk said the callers may try to convince call recipients that a loved one is in jeopardy or that the call recipient owes outstanding court fees. The scammers may even pretend to be clerk officials or police officers, directing the recipient to call another number to make a payment.

“We wanted to ensure that the public was aware of the potential for these scam attempts,” Clerk Ronnie Fussell said in the emailed memo. “Our office is committed to helping assist anyone who has questions about a suspicious call.”

The clerk’s office said it generally does not call people to arrange payment for fees.

Anyone who’s unsure of the legitimacy of a call should contact the clerk’s Public Records Department at (904) 255-1828.

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