Family Pictures: USA comes to Detroit

Jun 19, 2017

ARTICLE CONTENT: This article was originally published by Ryan Hooper for the Detroit Free Press (italicize and place link to original in hyperlink).   If a photo album of old family photographs could talk, the stories it could tell would be staggering. That’s the concept behind the upcoming “Family Pictures: USA” television series filming in Detroit this summer. Thanks to the format of the show, Detroiters will have plenty of chances to have their story heard.   “Family Pictures: USA” borrows the format of “Antiques Roadshow” and merges it with the DNA of a storytelling event (think The Moth). It’s part personal family history, part oral history of a time or place told through members of the community that lived through it — or relatives that kept the family photos.   To read the full article, go here: Family Photos More info at: 1world1family   One Detroit is dedicated to telling the stories of real Detroiters--their struggles, victories, and hopes for the city.   Check out our this One Detroit Moment featuring Coach Khali of the Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program:  

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