Gov. Scott Slams President, Congress Over Sequestration

Feb 28, 2013

    Governor Rick Scott is slamming President Barack Obama and Congress for not getting a budget deal done to replace the sequester set to begin on Friday.
         Scott says because politicians in Washington aren’t doing their jobs, Floridians may lose theirs.       
        Governor Scott says Sequestration makes no sense because it uses a meat cleaver approach in cutting spending instead of a scalpel.
         He says it will have a dramatic impact on Florida’s military bases and defense industry.

Members of the Florida National Guard prepare for deployment
Credit Florida National Guard

    Scott also says sequestration will lead to reductions in the National Guard which the Governor says could be detrimental to public safety.   
"As you know our National Guard is so important to us whether it’s dealing with wildfires in part of the year and hurricanes in another part of the year." Scott said, "But if it’s going to happen immediate cuts in our national guard our ability to make sure when we have a disaster their national guard can take care of us.”

      Congress passed and the President signed the Sequestration in August of 2011 as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling. The plan was to never allow it to go into effect but a bipartisan joint Congressional committee couldn’t reach a deal to replace it.
         It cuts one-point-two trillion dollars in across the board spending over the next ten years. This year’s effects would be more severe because the fiscal year is nearly half over.