Haze Around Florida's Medical Marijuana Law & New Year, New You — #18

Jan 6, 2017

Credit Bonnie Zerr / WJCT

Welcome to Redux, a weekly newsmagazine from WJCT and the news podcast of the First Coast.

On this episode of Redux, we work to clear up the confusion surrounding the passage of Amendment 2, Florida's medical marijuana bill; we make our predictions for 2017; exploding e-cigarettes; keeping New Year's resolutions; and a live performance from Grandpa's Cough Medicine. 

Credit Ryan Bushby / Wikimedia Commons

Central Florida Dispensary Makes First Medical Marijuana Delivery In Jacksonville

A Central Florida marijuana dispensary made its first delivery to a Jacksonville patient Tuesday — the same day a constitutional amendment goes into effect that will make more types of medical cannabis available to Floridians.

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Northeast Florida Business Predictions For 2017

It’s a new year, and WJCT business analyst John Burr is predicting big things for Northeast Florida. Among them: the first sighting of a boom economy in a decade, high consumer confidence, more home construction and gas prices’ staying relatively low.

Financial Resolutions On First Coast Connect

As we are making our New Year resolutions, it is important to make sure the goals we set are achievable and realistic, and that includes your personal finances.

E-cigarette suspected of exploding.
Credit www.vaping360.com

Many Injured By Exploding E-Cigarette Batteries, Lawyer Says

As the use of electronic cigarettes goes up, so do concerns about their safety.

Batteries in these gadgets have been known to explode, resulting in broken bones, serious burns and lawsuits, even here in Florida.

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