Kids Can Swim With Mermaids In St. Augustine Saturday

Jul 5, 2018

The St. Augustine Aquarium is inviting kids of all ages to come swim with the mermaids this weekend.

The aquarium’s Kathy Hiester said the mermaids, Marina and Carina, will perform Saturday morning in the Florida Reef tank.

“It has 80-thousand gallons of water and it’s a man-made coral reef so there are corals in there that are not real. But there’s over 200-colorful Florida reef fish in there and there are three kinds of rays in there,” said Hiester.

Saturday afternoon visitors will be allowed to jump in the tank with the mermaids.

“They’ll gear up just like they would for our snorkel adventure: they’ll get a wet-suit, mask, snorkel, boots and a vest and they’ll get in the water with the two mermaids,” said Hiester.

The mermaid show starts at 11 a.m.

Hiester said everyone from ages 4 and up who wants to swim with Marina and Carina Saturday afternoon will need to make a reservation.

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