Lenny Curry Next Jacksonville Mayor; Brown: I'll 'Always Be There For You'

May 19, 2015

Mayor-elect Lenny Curry kisses his wife, Molly, just after winning election Tuesday night.
Credit Peter Haden via Twitter / WJCT News

Former Florida Republican Party Chairman Lenny Curry is Jacksonville’s next mayor. He narrowly beat incumbent Democratic Mayor Alvin Brown Tuesday with just over 51 percent of the vote. Curry says the work starts now.

"This is about one Jacksonville, about one people, and about our future. The message that I’ve carried over the course of this campaign comes from deep within me. This is what I believe. This is what we’re going to do. This will be a safe city again!" Just after conceding, Brown told his supporters he won’t stop trying to improve the city.

"God bless you all" Brown tells his supporters at the Landing Tuesday night surrounded by his family.
Credit Cyd Hoskinson / WJCT News

“I’m going to always be there for you, that single mother who’s raising two or three kids trying to put food on the table, for that young girl who dares to dream to go to college, I’m going to be there for you because I believe in opportunity for all," Brown said. 

Curry takes office on July 1. 

Other races Jacksonville voters decided Tuesday: 

  • Mike Williams (R) has won Sheriff of Jacksonville over Ken Jefferson (D).
  • City Coucil-At-Large - Group 1: Anna Lopez Brosche (R) has defeated Kimberly Daniels (D)
  • City Coucil-At-Large - Group 3: Tommy Hazouri (D) has defeated Geoff "Jeff" Youngblood (R)
  • City Coucil-At-Large - Group 5: Samuel C. Newby (R) has defeated Ju’Coby Pittman (D)
  • City Council - District 1: Joyce Morgan (D) has defeated Mike Anania (R)
  • City Council - District 2: Al Ferraro (R) has defeated Lisa King (D)
  • City Council - District 4: Scott Wilson (R) has defeated Ramon Day (D)
  • City Council - District 7: Reggie Gaffney (D) has defeated George A. Spencer, Jr. (D)
  • City Council - District 8: Katrina Brown (D) has defeated Pat Lockett-Felder (D)
  • Referendum 1: Yes
  • Referendum 2: Yes