Local Organizers Want Legislature To Do More For Floridians That Aren't Wealthy

Jan 9, 2018

As Governor Scott Tuesday outlined his priorities in his final State of the State Address to lawmakers in Tallahassee, community activists gathered in Jacksonville to talk about theirs.

The progressive movement calling itself Awake the State is calling on lawmakers to work on behalf of all Floridians, not just the wealthy and well-connected ones.

Local organizer Pat McCollough with For Our Future told those gathered at Friendship Fountain Park on Jacksonville’s Southbank that it’s time to go on the offensive.

“It’s time for us to win again. We have been protesting on so many fronts for what’s rightfully ours. It’s time for us to stop protesting and time for us to be proactive.”

Awake the State events were also held (Tuesday) in Tallahassee, Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa and Miami.

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