Majority Of Clay County Remains Without Power; 1,200 homes flooded

Sep 13, 2017

Black Creek flooding in Clay County is pictured on Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017.

Clay County has wrapped up swift water rescue efforts and consolidated the emergency operations center as the recovery from Hurricane Irma continues.

The Black Creek Bridge on County Road 218 remained closed Wednesday and the majority of the county is still without power, according to Clay County Emergency Management.

More than 300 people and more than 70 pets have been rescued by Clay County Fire & Rescue and the Clay County Sheriff’s Office with help from out of state partners. The Florida National Guard and U.S. Coast Guard also assisted in the rescue operations.

Approximately 1,200 area homes have been flooded, according to Clay County Emergency Management.

Clay County is asking residents to call 904-284-7703 or send photos of trees obstructing roadways and property damage with their name and address of the location of the damage pictured to