ONLY IN FLORIDA: Late Night Host Gets 'FL 4 LYFE' Face Tattoo During Key West Weekend

Feb 28, 2014

The headline is fake (and you'll see why when you read on), but everything else on this page is ripped from the actual headlines. Here's our latest, and late night-est, edition of ONLY IN FLORIDA.

ONLY IN FLORIDA do people assume that this state is just crazy enough to legalize cocaine.

A Key West man arrested on drug charges told cops, "I thought cocaine wasn't illegal in Florida," after caught trying to stash a bag containing the powder in a planter.

Guy Lanchester, 46, was reportedly caught red-handed early Sunday morning.

He was charged with cocaine possession and evidence tampering. While being arrested he continued to insist that cocaine is legal in the Sunshine State. (New York Daily News)

ONLY IN FLORIDA do people face their fears with a visit to the tattoo parlor.

Eric Ortiz wanted to face his fear of spiders, so he tattooed a black widow spider on his face.

The 24-year-old Ortiz of Deltona, talked about his spider tattoo after appearing in court on a felony charge of driving with a revoked license at the Volusia County Courthouse in DeLand.

Ortiz’s particular method of dealing with arachnophobia got a lot of attention, but the black widow tattoo has not scared away law enforcement.

Ortiz’s criminal record includes charges of burglary of a conveyance, domestic battery, drug possession , retail theft, violation of injunction for protection, loitering and prowling. (Huffington Post)

ONLY IN FLORIDA does the news get so strange that it inspires hit late-night TV sketches.

The new host of NBC's Late Night, Seth Myers, kicked things off his iteration of the show this week with a new bit “Fake Or Florida.”

The game show spoof has Meyers ask audience participants to guess what crazy story is fake and which one really happened here in our state. Winners of the game received a full-sized Florida state flag.

Check out the first edition of "Fake or Florida" below.

WATCH: "Fake or Florida" from NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers

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