REDUX: Brown Hopes To Careen Past Legal Trouble | Duval Millenial E-Cig Use Rising — #34

Apr 27, 2017

Corrine Brown
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On this episode of Redux, two topics that have drifted in and out of headlines consistently in recent years — ride-sharing apps and, of course, pensions — have been settled. We bring you up to date on what local and state politicians have decided.

But while these issues are wrapping up, one major issue is just beginning — the fraud trial of former Congresswoman Corrine Brown.

Then, Duval County Schools is cleaning house and some programs facing the chopping block might surprise you. We’ll also let you know about a program from the school district to help non-educators get certified as teachers. And finally, the use of tobacco has gone down in each age group — that is, except for millennials. Find out why.

Corrine Brown
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Corrine Brown Trial Begins In Jacksonville

The trial has begun for former Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown, who says her staff betrayed her in financial transactions that led to fraud charges against her.

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Lawmakers Pass Ride-Hailing Bill; Jacksonville Councilman Rethinks Local Taxi Regulations

After four years of fierce debate, Florida lawmakers this week passed state regulations for ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft.

Audience members held up green cards when they agreed with ideas presented and red cards when they disagreed at Thursday's Constitutional Revision Committee meeting.
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Some Northeast Florida Residents Urge Committee To Change To State Constitution

Abortion laws, felon voting rights and open elections are all issues Jacksonville residents would like to see addressed in the Florida Constitution. That’s what they told the state’s Constitutional Revision Committee Thursday at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Mayor Lenny Curry
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Jacksonville Mayor Signs Into Law Landmark Legislation

After it passed the Jacksonville City Council unanimously, Mayor Lenny Curry signed into law Tuesday the biggest policy priority of his administration: pension reform.

Credit Lindsey Kilbride / WJCT News

Alternative Path To Teaching Certification Open To 60 Hopefuls

While public schools across the country are struggling to find enough qualified teachers to fill classroom vacancies, Duval County is actively recruiting non-educators and promising to help them become elementary school teachers through a new initiative called “Ready, Set, Teach!”

UPDATE: The information and screening session will be held May 2 at the School Board Administration building on Prudential Drive.


Youth E-Cigarette Usage On Rise In Duval County

Florida’s smoking rate is at an all-time low, and state officials attribute the precipitous drop to aggressive anti-smoking campaigns. But some North Florida counties are struggling to keep pace with statewide success. (Image Source:

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