Scott To GOP: Stop Anti-Trump Movement

Apr 28, 2016
Originally published on April 27, 2016 5:09 pm

Governor Rick Scott is asking for party unity ahead of the Republican Nominating convention later this summer. In a facebook post, Scott reiterated his support for Donald Trump, and is asking state Republicans to do the same.

Donald Trump won Florida’s Republican presidential primary last month, and Governor Rick Scott endorsed him soon after. So has state attorney General Pam Bondi, and Matt Gaetz a state representative who’s now running for congress.

Scott draws comparisons between himself and the New York businessman. He writes when he first ran for governor, party leaders and even other politicians opposed his candidacy. But voters ultimately decided. And Scott says that’s true of Trump now. The Republican presidential candidate is getting closer to securing the GOP nomination, despite efforts by other candidates to stop him.

"If the anti-Trump groups don’t stop now, their efforts will be nothing more than a contribution to the Clinton campaign," Scott said. "The damage that President Obama has done to our country is serious and substantial. We cannot afford another four years of liberal incompetence, and that is exactly what Hillary Clinton would bring."

Scott says it’s time to end what he calls “Republican on Republican violence”. And he says if Republicans continue tearing each other apart, it will hurt the party’s ability to win the presidency in November.

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