Faith Matters

9:00 AM - Quarterly
  • Hosted by Nancy Broner, Kyle Reese

Through a partnership, WJCT and OneJax at the University of North Florida present Faith Matters, a quarterly radio program addressing societal issues through faith perspectives.

On each installment, hosts Nancy Broner and Kyle Reese speak with a variety of religious and community leaders, and take your calls.

Thursday on “Faith Matters,” our quarterly program that addresses issues through a faith perspective,  hosts Kyle Reese from Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church and Nancy Bronner, executive director of OneJax, discussed death with dignity. National healthcare organizations increasingly support medical aid in dying and reject the terms “suicide” and “assisted suicide” to describe it.  The national debate is growing, and six states have now made it legal for doctors to help terminally ill patients end their lives.  Fifteen additional states are considering similar legislation.

As the debate continues about expanding the Human Rights Ordinance in Jacksonville to include protections for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender citizens, what role should faith play in the conversation?

That was the topic Thursday of “Faith Matters,” which is WJCT’s quarterly program taking a closer look at today’s issues through the lens of faith.

In 2012, an expanded Human Rights Ordinance, which included protections for the LGBT community, went before the Jacksonville City Council. The ordinance divided the faith community. It wound up narrowly failing.

Faith Matters: The Role Of Faith, Religion In Philanthropy

Sep 12, 2016

A recent study in the Chronicle of Philanthropy shows that religious Americans give more to charity than nonreligious people. 

In this episode of Faith Matters,  hosts Kyle Reese and Nancy Broner explore the role of faith and religion in philanthropy.


Faith Matters: The Religious Minority Experience In Jacksonville

Jun 9, 2016

Jacksonville is seen as a religiously diverse city with many faiths represented. However, Christianity accounts for 94.4 percent of the religiously identified population.

What is it like for those in the other 5.6 percent?

On this edition of Faith Matters, hosts Kyle Reese and Nancy Broner explore what it means to be in the religious minority in Jacksonville, and hear from health care and military professionals about serving populations of multiple faiths.

Faith Matters: Religion And Politics

Feb 4, 2016

Does the separation of church and state mean that religion has no place in our political beliefs and actions?

On this edition of Faith Matters, hosts Nancy Broner and Kyle Reese explore the role of faith in the political process with local and national religious and political leaders.

Faith Matters: The Nature Of Forgiveness

Oct 22, 2015

On this inaugural episode of Faith Matters,  leaders from a variety of faith perspectives join hosts Nancy Broner and Kyle Reese to discuss an issue central to personal and communal faith: forgiveness.

After the shooting death of nine members of the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, many were challenged to explore their own understanding of the nature of forgiveness while listening to the voices of the victims’ families and fellow church members. We speak with Reverend Tony Hansberry, Presiding Elder of the Suwanee-North Jacksonville District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, about how the church is learning to heal after the tragedy.