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Redux is a weekly newsmagazine from WJCT. Host Vince Kong features stories from the First Coast, as well as music from WJCT After Hours programming.

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There’s the Shipyard’s project, the Metropolitan Park project, the District, the Daily’s Place Amphitheater Project and of course the Laura Street Trio.

In other words, there isn’t a shortage of things to do when talking about revitalizing downtown Jacksonville, and we’re going to bring you the latest on this episode of Redux.

Also, with Super Bowl Sunday just days away, we'll being you a story about football, and how the Jacksonville Jaguars are looking to the past to revive the franchise — and possibly the city. 

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From increasing job prospects for those with criminal records to preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow, we’re focusing our attention on working on the First Coast.

Also, with spring training right around the corner, we’ll take a look at the River City’s connection to baseball’s past — or more specifically, what Jacksonville is doing to commemorate its historic Negro League team, the Red Caps.

But first, Jacksonville is being called one of the most divided cities in the country. Find out why on Redux.

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On this episode of Redux, we examine the line between prostitution and human trafficking by attempting to answer this one question: Do Prostitution Arrests Help Women Get Out Of Sex Trade?

We also have an update on the rebuilding effort of County Dock and other structures destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. And finally, the Greatest Show on Earth is coming to end, and we have the first female ringmaster in studio.

But first, we visit businesses at Jacksonville's iconic Landing after gunfire leaves one teenager dead on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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It’s not every day a multi-Emmy award winner hangs out in your workplace.

But it happened. And we’ll bring you hip hop violinist Damien Escobar on this episode of Redux.

We also give you the lowdown on the years-old saga involving the development of Metropolitan Park, and we’ll give an update about neonatal care in Orange Park.

But first, two stories that have gripped Jacksonville in recent years: expansion of the Human Rights Ordinance and pensions.

Bonnie Zerr / WJCT

Welcome to Redux, a weekly newsmagazine from WJCT and the news podcast of the First Coast.

On this episode of Redux, we work to clear up the confusion surrounding the passage of Amendment 2, Florida's medical marijuana bill; we make our predictions for 2017; exploding e-cigarettes; keeping New Year's resolutions; and a live performance from Grandpa's Cough Medicine.