Jacksonville Public Libary

Lindsey Kilbride / WJCT News

The Jacksonville Public Library is asking for a nearly $2 million increase in the mayor’s proposed budget, and several city council members say they may consider at least a smaller bump.

The library’s executive director stressed the growing demand for libraries during budget hearings Friday.

Gregory Todaro / WJCT News

The Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library is having a warehouse sale this weekend.

The non-profit is selling books, records, CDs and other donated items to raise money for the city’s public library.

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The Jacksonville Public Library wants residents to submit their questions for City Council candidates. Debates are planned at four area libraries April 20 for candidates who advance to the General Election.

Cyd Hoskinson / WJCT

Supporters of a straw ballot measure to take library funding decisions away from the Jacksonville city council by creating a special independent taxing district held a rally Tuesday morning in front of the public library downtown.

City of Jacksonville

The Jacksonville City Council ended its meeting at 2:15 a.m. after only getting through about half of more than 40 proposed amendments.

They plan to reconvene at 2:00p.m. Wednesday and will continue to debate which services to restore and how much to raise property taxes.