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Clay County is extending hours at its public libraries, starting Thursday, Feb. 1. It’s a restoration of services following cuts during the recession a few years back and a standardization across the whole system.

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The Jacksonville Public Library is asking for a nearly $2 million increase in the mayor’s proposed budget, and several city council members say they may consider at least a smaller bump.

The library’s executive director stressed the growing demand for libraries during budget hearings Friday.

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Supporters of Jacksonville libraries are asking City Council to increase their budget against the recommendation of Mayor Lenny Curry.

Curry’s proposing a $500,000 cut from last year’s budget of $3.4 million.

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Book lovers can grab a grocery bag and head to the Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library’s book sale this weekend.

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The Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library is having a warehouse sale this weekend.

The non-profit is selling books, records, CDs and other donated items to raise money for the city’s public library.

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An enormous, 49-year-old, whole building thermostat control panel in the basement of the former Haydon Burns library will be salvaged and displayed by the company that built it.

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The Jacksonville City Council ended its meeting at 2:15 a.m. after only getting through about half of more than 40 proposed amendments.

They plan to reconvene at 2:00p.m. Wednesday and will continue to debate which services to restore and how much to raise property taxes.