recep tayyip erdogan

  Today on “First Coast Connect,” we spoke with a local Turkish refugee (01:03) about the situation in his native country and the crackdown on dissidents since last year’s attempted coup. We did not reveal his name to protect family members still in Turkey. Cenegenics Jacksonville Medical Director Earl Eye (32:26) told us about a new erectile dysfunction treatment that eliminates the needs for pills or surgery. We were joined by Players By the Sea cast members  Lucas Kish and husband-and-wife performers Jimmy and Jessica Alexander (40:51) about the upcoming production of rock musical “American Idiot.” And Kerry Speckman (45:21) told us about this weekend’s events. 

Krisit O'Daniel

Two years ago, Jacksonville native Kristi O’Daniel sold her possessions, gave away her cat and bought a one-way ticket to Turkey.

The University of North Florida international relations alum was in search of adventure, but may have gotten more than she bargained for.