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From Christmas to "Festivus," what makes this time of year the holiday season?

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Researchers at Jacksonville University’s Marine Science Research Institute are stepping up their study of the diet and migration patterns of king mackerel thanks to a small grant from the Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament.

At least 10 pilot whales are dead and dozens stranded in the shallows off Florida's southwest coast, as wildlife workers struggle to redirect them back out to deep water.

Blair Mase, the marine mammal stranding network coordinator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, says four of the whales had to be euthanized on Wednesday, and six others had already died since the stranding was first identified on Tuesday.

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Cold air continues to pour in to much of Florida in the wake of last night’s front, and temperatures are likely to drop to the lowest values this season (so far) by Thanksgiving morning.  The National Weather Service has issued a Freeze Warning for all inland counties, along with the inland areas of a few coastal counties including Nassau and Duval.  Freezing temperatures are expected in the areas shaded on the map in blue, where lows of 30 to 32 will be possible and subfreezing conditions will last approximately two hours.

Tech Tuesday: The Science Behind ISON And The Star of Bethlehem

Nov 19, 2013

Scientists will likely take a break while Black Friday shopping this year to catch a glimpse of a comet hurtling close to the sun that will be visible to the naked eye.