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AARP To Hold Free Vietnam War Documentary Screening

Jul 22, 2015

AARP Florida plans to hold a free screening of a documentary about the Vietnam War this Saturday at WJCT.

AARP’s Summer Movie Classics presents “Last Days In Vietnam,” which looks at the final days of the war and the stories of those who escaped.

UNF Bans Smoking On Campus

Jul 17, 2015
Wikimedia Commons

Smoking will no longer be allowed on the University of North Florida’s campus starting this fall.

Michael Hines, the health education coordinator for the university’s Department of Health Promotion, says most universities are already smoke free.

Erica Protsman

The University of North Florida Golf Complex could face competition for business.

The sports and entertainment facility TopGolf is planning to open in Jacksonville, only a few miles from UNF.

Jacksonville Issues Air Quality Advisory Because Of Nearby Forest Fires

Jun 12, 2015

The city of Jacksonville’s Environmental Quality Division issued an air-quality advisory, as particulate matter clogged the air Friday.

Smoke from forest fires in southeast Duval County is contributing to elevated particulate matter concentrations.

Florida Forest Service said a lightning strike on Wednesday sparked a fire that is causing heavy smoke in between the University of North Florida and Mayo Clinic. The San Pablo fire was about 15 football fields large and 75 percent contained.

Gregory Todaro / WJCT News

“If all the ice melts — and that’ll happening if we keep doing what we’re doing — the oceans come up 75 meters. That’s about 250 feet,” Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center, told the crowd Friday morning.

“This’ll convert downtown Jacksonville skyscrapers into hazards to navigation,” he said.

Bushnell gave a lecture about the consequences of sea level rise on the First Coast Friday morning at the UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center.

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A new partnership will make it easy for students at Florida State College at Jacksonville to transfer to the University of North Florida after two years of study.

The Connect program lets students entering FSCJ this fall declare their intention to earn a bachelor’s degree at UNF and reserve a spot for when they’re ready to make the switch.

FSCJ Spokeswoman Jill Johnson says it’s a way for everyone to win.

UNF’s Shakespeare In The Park, EWC’s 149th Anniversary, and the “Conscience Protection” bill are all in the headlines today.

Pam Monteleone

  Shakespeare in the Park returns to the First Coast this weekend, with open-air performances in Atlantic Beach. And later this month, high-school students will get the chance to appear alongside the University of North Florida performers.

The director says the comedy “Twelfth Night” resonates with today’s young people.

Friday and Saturday night, the UNF production appears in Atlantic Beach’s Johansen Park. Drama professor and director Pam Monteleone says Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” may be 400 years old, but her students have found modern-day relevance in its themes.

Rhema Thompson / WJCT

Teaching is a journey, but it hasn't been a pleasant one for everyone.

Recently, the inaugural class of the Jacksonville Teacher Residency (JTR) program had its final meeting of 2014. The end-of-semester meeting had fewer teachers than the beginning of the school year. In the final installment of "Life Lessons" for the year, WJCT takes a look at the stories behind the two residents whose forays into teaching were cut short.

A strong start

The day William Bowman got the offer to join the Jacksonville Teacher Residency program, he was ecstatic.

Rhema Thompson

Nearly half of Duval County residents consider test scores and school grades to be the most important factor when deciding on a school, but the majority say they don't know very much about either, according to a recently released local poll.

Jacksonville Public Education Fund (JPEF) unveiled results from its second annual Education Perceptions Poll Wednesday morning.

University of North Florida

A prestigious Chinese language program will soon call the University of North Florida home. 

University Press of Florida

As Jeb Bush's family hints at a potential presidential run in 2016, a new book reflects on his political career in Florida.

Annie Black/ WJCT News

Step into Peta 2’s iChicken box, and step into the shoes of a chicken on its way to a slaughterhouse.

University of North Florida

With strong words from President Obama from the capital of Estonia and a proposed cease-fire gone awry, it seems the eyes of the Western World are watching Russia in a way they have not in decades.

The President was in Estonia Wednesday en route to the NATO summit in Wales where the subject of the Russia’s incursion into Ukraine and the U.S.’s next move will be a point of major discussion.

Rhema Thompson

It was a rare sight for those lucky enough to pass through the Hemming Plaza Wednesday just past noon: a well-known news editor posing in a polka dot dress, an opinion writer shaving his trademark beard and a popular radio talk show host putting her own spin on a Sir Mix-A-Lot classic.