Florida voters overwhelmingly support a proposal to restore felons’ voting rights, known as Amendment 4.

That was one finding in a University of North Florida poll out Monday.

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Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner wants clarification from the U.S. Senate on Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson’s comments to reporters that Russians have “penetrated” some voter-registration systems.

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An effort to restore voting rights for Florida felons has vocal advocates in Jacksonville. They’re celebrating after a federal judge Thursday ruled Florida’s ban on felons’ voting unconstitutional.

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Despite a bipartisan backlash against a White House commission's request for information about states' voter rolls, Gov. Rick Scott's administration is still not saying whether Florida will provide the potentially sensitive information.

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TALLAHASSEE — Lawyers for convicted felons filed a class-action lawsuit Monday against Florida officials, alleging that the state's process for restoring voting rights to people who have completed their sentences is arbitrary.

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With the Election Day Tuesday, the Duval County Republican and Democratic parties are hitting the phones and doorsteps to try to get out to vote.

Inside the Jacksonville headquarters for Republican Senator Marco Rubio, 26-year-old Michelle Rivera was phone banking for her party Monday afternoon.

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Launching a local political campaign just got a little easier. At least, that’s what a platform called is promising.

Software Glitch Slows Duval County Voting

Mar 15, 2016


Updated on 03/15 at 2:00 p.m.

Voters headed to the polls in Jacksonville today may experience a delay after elections officials scrapped an electronic registration verification and reverted to a paper printout of all Duval County voters.

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Several Duval County voting precincts are changing polling locations for the March 15 primary election.

Six of Duval’s 199 polling places are relocating.


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Northeast Florida residents are getting confused by a flier that’s showing up in their mailboxes. 

The mailer from a national, Democratic-leaning group encourages people to register to vote. But county election supervisors say recipients aren’t always eligible voters. 

The mailer is from a group called the Voter Participation Center. In its effort to get underrepresented people to vote, it sent out thousands of registration reminders in swing states including Florida. 

Fifty years ago, the Voting Rights Act outlawed literacy tests and other measures that had prevented African-Americans from voting. After its passage, Congress amended the act four times to increase its scope.

But in 2013, a Supreme Court decision blocked the act's enforcement provision, which opened the door for states to pass new voting restrictions. Journalist Ari Berman says that many of the new restrictions discriminate against poor people, young people and people of color.

Florida Hispanic elected officials are calling on the state’s congressional delegates to urge passage of a Voting Rights Act amendment. They are pushing for a fix after the U.S. Supreme Court last year struck down parts of the act meant to protect minority voters.  

Florida won’t be moving ahead with a planned purge of the state’s voter rolls.  Secretary of State Ken Detzner discussed the change of plan Thursday with local elections supervisors.

A sweeping purge of suspected non-citizens from the state’s voter rolls two years ago was thwarted by lawsuits. The state eventually got permission to cross-reference a federal government database but now that won’t be happening.

Secretary of State Ken Detzner says he’s delaying the purge until next year because that federal database is currently changing.

Food trucks, pension reform, and medical marijuana are in the headlines today.

Critics call it a major setback for voting rights.  Last week the Supreme Court struck down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act, mobilizing the state's leading vote access group to criticize the ruling.