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Governor signs law allowing NYers released from prison to vote

New Yorkers released from prison would have their voting rights restored upon their release, instead of having to wait months or even years, under a new law that was signed on Wednesday.

Both the state Senate and Assembly passed it last month and it was sent to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who signed it, said state Sen. Leroy Comrie and Assemblymember Daniel O'Donnell, the legislation's sponsors.

"Across our nation we see voting rights being restricted and as New Yorkers, we have to lead as that sends a signal to others on how we should be making the right to vote, more accessible, more transparent, and more available to all," Comrie said in a statement.

Before the new law, people released on parole and under community supervision for felonies would have to wait months or years to vote, until that oversight period had ended.

The new law restores voting rights for all people released from prison.