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Rescue Plan Funds May Start Arriving This Week

Just in time to start receiving tens of millions of dollars in American Rescue Plan funding, the Evansville City Council has voted to set up a fund to handle and disburse the federal money. 

Over the next year, the City of Evansville is scheduled to receive $67.5  million in American Rescue Plan funding. Half of that is expected perhaps as soon as this week.

At the Evansville City Council meeting Monday, the council voted unanimously to set up a fund to keep track of the money. But what will they spend it on?

Speaking over the council’s web feed, Marco DeLucio with the Evansville city attorney’s office says they just received guidance from the U.S. Treasury Department.

“Finally, the treasury released its guidance today. It’s a hundred and fifty one pages. I haven’t had a chance to read it through it yet so I'm not quite sure what it says, but it appears to be fairly broad and allow a broad use of the fund.”

The council’s role in spending the funds will be to vote on items presented by the city administration.

The guidance on possible projects for the funding include water, sewer and broadband infrastructure, supporting public health response and replacing public revenue lost during the pandemic.