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AquaBounty's Indiana Facility Sells Entire First Harvest Of Genetically Engineered Salmon

A land-based fish farm in Indiana is preparing the first commercial harvest of its genetically engineered salmon. AquaBounty’s fish is the first genetically modified animal for human consumption on the US market. The company said the full harvest, more than five tons, has already been sold. 

One of the largest wholesalers of seafood in the U.S., Samuels and Son Seafood, is among the companies purchasing the fish from AquaBounty after sampling the GMO salmon earlier this year.

AquaBounty CEO Sylvia Wulf said in a statement she’s proud to see the company “reach this important milestone using science and technology to provide sustainable seafood for a growing population.”

The company purchased the aquaculture facility in Albany, Indiana, in 2017. It had to wait until 2019 when the FDA lifted the import ban on the eggs to start growing the genetically engineered salmon.

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