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Fresh Off A Viral Library Gig, The Linda Lindas Get A Record Deal

Just last week, the internet thrilled to The Linda Lindas, screaming and crunching power chords in the middle of the stacks of the Los Angeles Public Library. "Racist, Sexist Boy" — written and performed by four tween and teen punks calling out anti-Asian bias and misogyny — immediately became something of a 2021 anthem. ("Poser! Blockhead! Riffraff! Jerk face!")

Now, in what has become a very familiar cycle to music-industry watchers, the band landed a record deal almost as soon as its video went viral. Its signing to the longstanding L.A. punk label Epitaph Records was confirmed by Variety. By Friday, the band's performance of "Racist, Sexist Boy" had been posted to Epitaph's YouTube channel.

The quartet, whose members (Bela, Eloise, Lucia and Mila) range in age from 10 to 16, got its start in 2018 at Girlschool LA. Member station KQED says the band has been mentored by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The Linda Lindas' current Bandcampbio describes the group as "Half Asian / half Latinx. Two sisters, a cousin, and their close friend. The Linda Lindas channel the spirit of original punk, power pop, and new wave through today's ears, eyes and minds."

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