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Super Hero Summer Camp

A local camp that teaches diversity and inclusion to kindergarten through eighth grade is coming to Evansville this summer. 

Evansville native Kaymi Butler’s conversation with a friend prompted the idea of a summer camp for children as a way to start influencing the national narrative in a more positive direction.

It’s called Black Lemonade, and will launch its inaugural year starting in mid-June. The presenting sponsor is the Boom Squad, Incorporated.

“The students will be able to learn each week about a different super hero, how they use their super powers to better their community. With that theme, we’re able to adapt the science, math and English literature curriculum. In turn, we want the students to understand that they too are super heroes and that they have powers that can better their community.”

The full-day camp will also have arts and sports programming. They have seventy spots available in the session.