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President Biden And First Lady Jill Biden Will Visit The Queen Soon

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have a date with the queen.

Buckingham Palace has announced the Bidens will visit Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on June 13, after Biden takes part in a G7 summit in Cornwall, England, ahead of Biden's NATO meetings in Brussels and high-stakes summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. The White House says Biden will also meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson while in England.

According to the BBC, Biden will be the twelfth U.S. president Queen Elizabeth has met face-to-face. Lyndon Baines Johnson is the only president the queen did not meet during her reign. (Fans of The Crown are well aware that Elizabeth's late sister, Princess Margaret, visited LBJ at the White House.)

Queen Elizabeth's previous meeting with presidents have produced some iconic pop culture moments, like when she and President Ronald Reagan rode horses together.

More recently, interactions between the Royals and presidents have provided grist for social media, like when Prince George, who follows Prince Charles and Prince William in the line of succession, greeted President Obama in his bathrobe shortly before bedtime.

Internet sleuths ran wild when Princess Anne did not greet President Trump along with the rest of the family, and the queen seemed to gesture at her to come over and socialize with the rest of the family.

While plenty of other foreign policy controversies will likely be front and center during Biden's first overseas trip as president, the meeting with the queen will bring one new twist that has not hung over previous meetings between the monarch and presidents: this will be the first time since members of her family – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – moved to the United States.

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