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Ball State University Drops Mask Mandate For Fully Vaccinated People

Ball State University is dropping its face mask mandate for people fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

This allows fully vaccinated students, faculty, and staff go without face masks inside campus buildings and classrooms for the first timesince a statewide mask mandate was issued last year.  The university had the last remaining blanket mask mandate in Delaware County.

In a campus-wide email, Ball State President Geoffrey Mearns says the decision is consistent with recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Because of a recent state law, Ball State cannot require proof that a person has been vaccinated.  The school has encouraged staff to voluntarily do so by offering monetary incentives to turn in a vaccination card.  And Mearns says he “anticipates” more incentives for students.

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In other changes, fully vaccinated people at Ball State won’t have to physically distance from others.  They also won’t have to quarantine if they come in contact with a person who’s tested positive for COVID.  Fully vaccinated students won’t have to provide a negative COVID-19 test to come back to campus in August.