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Council Votes Down Resolution Opposing Vaccine Mandates

The Evansville City Council  heard testimony and debated for nearly two hours on a resolution with no power to affect policy in the city. The subject- opposing vaccine mandates. 

City attorney Joshua Claybourn told the council that state law already prevents local government bodies from mandating proof of  vaccination, while allowing private businesses to require them.

Claybourn said, “I don’t think, based on the state law, that this city has any control or authority to do that. So this resolution tonight, C-2021-10, opposes those vaccines. It’s really more of a disapproval or a policy. It’s not a law.”

Over a dozen people came to speak in favor of the resolution, which stated the council opposes any type of vaccine mandate, not just for the coronavirus vaccine.

In the end, the resolution’s author, Fifth Ward Councilman Justin Elpers, Sixth Ward Councilman Jim Brinkmeyer and Council Member at Large Jonathan Weaver voted for the resolution, while the remaining six members voted against it.

In other business, the council voted to approve the remaining $50,000 for the Community Gun Violence Prevention Program study being conducted in Evansville.