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Outdoor Activity During The Time Of The COVID Delta Variant

The summer of 2021 is quite different from July of 2020 when it comes to coronavirus.  That was reflected at a popular Lexington public park Tuesday. 

The large playground at Jacobson Park found lots of kids playing and parents monitoring nearby.  The Delta variant has been cited as a key factor in the uptick of COVID cases.  Sarah Thomas, visiting from Florida, felt comfortable pushing her daughter Indie in the swing outdoors. “I know that everybody handles it differently.  But we are trying to live as normally as possible and to take the precautions that we need to take for our family,” said Thomas. 

Baron Zahuranec sat with his kids as they snacked near the playground equipment.  He reflected on coronavirus these days.   “It’s a…it would be nice to have higher vaccination numbers, but that’s a choice that everyone can make for themselves.  Luckily we’re able to get out and about a little bit more, but people still need to be on top of their game in being careful,” explained Zahuranec. 

Zahuranec admitted it may take years to significantly increase vaccination rates across the Commonwealth.  The Lexington man said the Delta variant has not greatly changed how his family approaches the virus.  He noted his family is not going out too much, being super clean, and careful with contacts. 

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