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Capital Report: October 20, 2023

Florida’s leaders are expressing outrage over the Hamas attack on Israel. Republican Representative Randy Fine, who is Jewish, is calling for colleges and universities to expel chartered student groups that attempt to, quote, “justify the killing of Jews.” We get that story from Margie Menzel.

Concerns over a nursing shortage that was exacerbated by the Coronavirus Pandemic have eased some. Regan McCarthy reports the latest update from the Florida Hospital Association offers a glimmer of hope, but experts say it doesn’t mean the state is out of the woods.

A Tallahassee woman found herself accused of voter fraud because she didn’t take care of all the penalties resulting from an earlier felony conviction. But Lynn Hatter tells Tom Flanigan the charge was ultimately dropped because of the difficulty of determining what exactly those penalties were.

Florida health and environment researchers are looking for better ways to ensure the state’s water supply is protected. The initiative comes as the spread of harmful bacteria continues to run rampant over Florida’s lakes and waterways. Now as Adrian Andrews reports, experts are rolling out new technology to help fight the state’s ongoing algae problem.

A recent cool front has been a welcome relief from what has been a particularly brutal summer. Last month Miami recorded three consecutive days with a heat index of at least 110 degrees. But when the usual way of beating the heat didn't work, people told us how they dealt with it.

That was WLRN's Wilkine Brutus in West Palm Beach, and Joshua Ceballos and Julia Cooper in Miami.

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