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One woman's quest to help low-income moms flourish and redefine wealth for herself

Aisha Nyandoro started a guaranteed income program for low-income families in Mississippi. Her model gives people the breathing room to dream big and define wealth on their own terms.

About Aisha Nyandoro

Aisha Nyandoro is the founding CEO of Springboard to Opportunities, a Jackson, Mississippi non-profit that has pioneered a radically resident-driven approach to ending generational poverty for families living in federally subsidized affordable housing. In 2018, she launched the Magnolia Mothers' Trust, a first-of-its-kind guaranteed income program for Black mothers.

She has testified on Capitol Hill, sharing the story of the Magnolia Mothers' Trust and calling for a social safety net that finally ends poverty by offering direct cash. Nyandoro is a fellow of Ascend at the Aspen Institute, the Highland Project, the Emerson Collective's Dial program and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Community Leadership Network.

She holds a B.A. from Tennessee State University and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Michigan State University.

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