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An iPad For Every Student? Duval County's Proposed Plan

Cyd Hoskinson


The proposed strategic plan for the Duval County public school system got the thumbs-up from a key group of stakeholders today: students. 

More than 50 11th and 12th graders from across the district sat at tables in Robert E Lee High School’s new media center listening while Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti went over the various components of the proposed strategic plan.

The students were pleased to hear about the return of art and music, and that there would be study-classes for college entrance exams, but it was the part about getting an i-pad or an e-reader next year that sparked the most interest.

Sandalwood High School 11th grader Precious Tankard: 

“I have a phone, I do have a laptop but to know we won’t have to carry books, I mean, it’s a headache.  I really love it.”

Lee high school media specialist Janie Jones also likes the idea but for different reasons.

“It will provide more equity, more access for all students.  For example, if a teacher assigns a book for a whole class to read, everybody will be able to download it and read it, no one will have to purchase it.  So it’ll provide a lot more equity and access for all of our students.  I’m all for it.”

The strategic plan contains core values and goals considered necessary to make sure that every student who graduates from a Duval County high school will succeed in life.