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Media Roundtable: First Responders Preparing for Coronavirus; Wilco

Friday roundtable (clockwise from right) Claire Goforth, Melissa Ross, Charles Griggs, and David Bauerlein.

Friday’s First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross Media Roundtable discussed the top stories of the week, including:

Our guests were:


Famed roots rockers Wilco are out with a new album, Ode to Joy. Wilco puts less pressure on themselves these days and recorded at the band's studio in Chicago, The Loft. So, Ode to Joy is more of a low-key collection of songs.

The band will play at The St. Augustine Amphitheatreon April 18, in their only Florida show. Lead singer Jeff Tweedy joined us with a preview.

Wilco’s music video for 'Everyone Hides'

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