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First Amendment Art Exhibit to be displayed at Karpeles Museum

Wikimedia Commons
The Karpeles Museum

An art exhibit inspired by the First Amendment will go on display Friday evening at the Karpeles Museum in the Jacksonville’s Springfield area.

Twenty-seven local artists have contributed to the exhibit with pieces associated with the amendment and its many parts, such as the freedom of the press.

Deborah Reed, 1st Things 1st curator, said that it was the right time for the pieces to be displayed.

“The reason I chose to do this show at this time is because of the current political atmosphere and a lot of the uncivil discourse that’s going on,” Reed said.

Each piece provides a different outlook on the amendment.

“The reason I wanted to have an art show about the First Amendment is because I feel that art opens our eyes and we are able to see things differently,” Reed said.

She highlighted the works of Jenny Hager’s thought-provoking eight foot steel sculpture along with an anonymous artist, who added a complex layer to the exhibit as part of several other pieces that will be on display.

The anonymous artist is going by the name Anonymous Alien and is not a U.S. citizen.

The artist was initially hesitant to enter the exhibit. The concern was over Anonymous Alien’s immigration status and how speaking out might in some way affect it.

Along with the exhibit, there will be a discussion panel that speaks on the First Amendment at the Karpeles Museum. The panel takes place on February 19 at 2 p.m.

“A lot of people have spent a lot of time, thought, and some have really original thought provocative takes on things,” Reed said.

The exhibit will run through until February 27. 

Photo Jacksonville Karpeles Museum licensed under Creative Commons license, author Ebyabe