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Florida's CFO Warns Residents To Beware Of DNA Testing Scam

Wikimedia Commons

Scam artists are at it again in Florida. This time they've got a scheme aimed at Medicare recipients.

The telephone fraudsters are telling potential victims they’re offering free DNA tests in exchange for personal information.

The callers claim to be from Medicare. They’re calling and asking people to divulge things like their Medicare and Social Security numbers, promising to send a free DNA testing kit in return.

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis says don’t fall for it.

His consumer alert advises people never give out private information over the phone to someone you don’t know, stressing government agencies never call people out of the blue.

Patronis added people can’t trust caller ID because scammers can spoof other numbers - especially if they have the 202 Washington, D.C. area code.

Instead, he suggests letting calls from numbers you don’t recognize go to voicemail because con artists don’t usually leave a message.

U.S. residents reported losing nearly a half-billion dollars to swindlers last year. 

Photo used under Creative Commons license.