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Jury-duty scam spreads to St. Johns County

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Joe Burbank
Orlando Sentinel/AP pool
The Jury box for the Geroge Zimmerman trial in Sanford, shown June 17, 2013. (AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Joe Burbank, Pool)

Scammers have been tricking people across the country by claiming they missed jury service, and now the con has appeared in St. Johns County.

The St. Johns County Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller’s Office is warning people about scammers who claim the individual missed jury duty and must make immediate payment to avoid penalties.

In some cases, the scammer indicates that a warrant has been issued for the resident’s arrest and requests that the individual provide personal information, such as Social Security number and date of birth for verification.

Additionally, some scammers seek payment of a bond or fine for failure to appear for jury duty.

The clerk's office stresses that its employees will never phone a resident to request payment for failure to appear. A person would never be fined unless they appear in court and a judge orders the penalty.

Similar scams have occurred across the country for years. The federal courts issued a warning in 2018 about jury scams. States including Florida, Oregon, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia and others have taken similar steps.

The St. Johns Clerk's Office advises people to provide no information if they receive a suspicious call. They should end the call immediately and report the incident to the Florida Attorney General's Office at 866-9NOSCAM (866-966-7226).