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Nassau jailer fired and charged with beating inmate


A corrections officer in Nassau County has been fired and charged with battery after an inmate was beaten, pepper-sprayed and shot with a taser.

Joshwa Edsall acted after an inmate demanded a private cell and caused a disturbance. Edsall used pepper spray on his face and threw the inmate into a concrete wall when he turned to wipe away the spray, the Sheriff's Office said.

Edsall then drove his knee into the inmate's back after he fell to the ground and used his taser as another deputy handcuffed the inmate for safety, the department said. The inmate, who was not identified, was taken to Baptist Nassau Hospital.

"Obviously, this is not what we would expect from our employees," Sheriff Bill Leeper said in a news release. "For some reason Edsall let his temper take control and take over. He lost control and he lost his job."

Edsall was hired seven months ago and was still on probation. He previously worked for the Florida Department of Corrections.