Tom Braun

Co-Host, "Deemable Tech"

Tom Braun is a writer living in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to writing about tech and co-hosting WJCT’s Deemable Tech, he writes content for websites and blogs, ghostwrites ebooks, writes short fiction and has written a woefully unpublished dystopian young adult novel that is no doubt his ticket to fame and fortune. Before realizing his true calling as a writer, Tom worked for over a decade as a software developer. He enjoys board games and traveling and once spent a year living in The Netherlands.

Tap Call

Frank asks, "The other day I got a phone a call from someone who claimed to be from Microsoft. He told me my antivirus software was out of a date, and that they would update it for me for free. He wanted me to go to a website and download a program that would let him control my computer so he could update it. I decided to wait until I heard back from you to see if this was legit or not. What do you think?"


Angie asks, “Can you explain Twitter for me? I understand that you can only ‘tweet’ short messages, but I don't know what the point of it is or if its worth signing up for an account.”

Josh Miller / CNET

Trent writes, "Hey Deemable Tech guys, I am giving my old phone to a friend. How do I make sure I’ve gotten all my private data off it first?"

Sean Birch / WJCT

Hector writes, “Whenever I unplug my USB thumb drive, a warning pops up telling me that I didn't eject the drive, and it could cause damage if I don't eject it. I usually ignore this message and it hasn't caused me any issues yet. Is this really a problem?”

Brad Flickinger / Flickr

Amanda writes, "Our family recently got our first iPad. We want the kids to be allowed to use it, but I am worried that they will get into trouble with it. Many of the games on the iPad ask you to buy things. I don’t want my kids running up a big credit card bill! Is there a way to stop this from happening?"

Clare asked, "I've started getting into editing videos. I’ve heard Macs are the best computers for this, but I need to have a PC for my job. We have some programs for our company that only work on Windows. Do you have any suggestions?"

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Glen asked, "I just got an iPad Mini. I already have a computer connected to the internet at home, and I’m wondering what equipment I need to set up Wi-Fi to use with the iPad. I have never had wireless in my house."


James asked, "I heard you talking about Windows XP expiring. I don't want to go to Windows 8, and I can't find any new Windows 7 computers to buy. What do I do?"

notoriousxl / Flickr

Ashton writes, "I have a problem. Recently my friends have been getting emails from me that are empty except for suspicious links in them. It looks like spam. I’m sure that I’m not the one sending them! What do I do?"

Kristina writes, "I would like to start a blog. I have been gardening for quite a while, and I think it would be cool to share pictures and stories about my experiences, but I don’t know how to go about starting one up. Can you help?"

You may have heard in the news recently about a dangerous internet bug known as "Heartbleed" which could be putting your personal information at risk. Don't worry, Deemable Tech has everything you need to know to protect yourself.

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Sandra writes, "Help! I keep getting pop -up ads on my computer even when I go to websites I know don’t have ads. Does my computer have an infection? How do I get rid of it?"


It’s estimated that nearly 500 million people around the world use the Windows XP operating system on their computers. If you’re one of those people, you need to be aware of an important change coming soon from Microsoft. 

On April 8, 2014, the software giant will end their support for Windows XP.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that your computer will suddenly stop working on April 9. It will, however, start to be a lot riskier to keep using.

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Brian asks, “The other day I was at a co-worker's office, and he had two monitors on his desk. I thought he had two computers, but then I saw him drag a window from one screen to the other. Then, he pulled out his iPad, and started using it as another screen. He acted so nonchalant about it, I didn't want to ask him how he set it up, but it looked like magic!

Daniel Paxton / Flickr

Corey asks, "I have a music collection of thousands of songs on my computer. It’s too big to all fit on my old iPod. What’s the best way for me to take my music with me when I’m in the car or out for a jog?"

Well, Corey, we’re going to go out on a limb and suggest that what you don’t need is yet another device to transfer thousands of MP3s to. The fact is, the days of having your music collection attached to a single, physical device are over. This brings us to one of our favorite topics: the cloud.