Warren Miller

Special Contributor

Warren Miller is a writer and financial executive who lives near St. Augustine, Florida.

As a journalist, Warren received writing awards from the Florida Magazine Association for regular columns and freelance features. He has been the editor of  business and lifestyle magazines, most recently of Water’s Edge magazine, a regional lifestyle magazine published in Jacksonville by The Florida Time-Union from 1998 until 2009.

Warren has been a regular contributor to National Public Radio affiliates, including WJCT-FM in Jacksonville and WMFE-FM in Orlando, for almost 20 years. 

Warren earned degrees from Boston University in humanities and from the Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business in management and finance.

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Warren Miller / Closing the Loop

Alia Reimer grew up in Rockledge, Florida and came to Jacksonville to go to the University of North Florida. She started building homes with Habitat for Humanity through a course she took.

“I took a service learning course that required me to volunteer each week, and I chose Habitat for Humanity,” Reimer said. “I knew I wanted to help people and to work with my hands. Habitat does both of those things at once.”

Warren Miller / Closing the Loop

You wouldn't know it from his voice, but Jack McNeil grew up in a small town in North Carolina.

“There was no job opportunity there at all,” McNeil said. “No chance to build something. If you had ambition, you headed either north or south on I-95.”

Warren Miller

Rod Borisade grew up in very rough neighborhood in Northwest Jacksonville. Drugs were more readily available than books were, and Rod knew that he didn't want to fit in.

"I was terrified of ending up like everyone I saw. Even now, I run away from ending up like what I saw."

Rod's father abandoned the family. His mother was addicted to drugs, and has told Rod about the time when he promised to stay with her.

photo courtesy of Belinda Hulin

Belinda Hulin is food writer by birth. She was born — a Cajun. When Belinda became a professional journalist and writer, there wasn’t any doubt that she was going to write about food. And eventually, Cajun food.

“People in Louisiana are very enamored of their own cuisine. They really feel like it's the best, and really, this is what we want to eat.”

Warren Miller

George Eckenrode grew up expecting to be a professional musician, and nothing else. "Ever since the third grade, I played trumpet in a band. I went to a music-oriented high school, and then was accepted into the Juilliard School of Music in New York. I played in everything from polka bands to rock bands, including the O'Jays, and even played with John Lennon. I thought I had it made as a musician!"

George and his wife moved to the Catskill mountains resort area, north of New York City, where he worked as a musician for 12 years. "It was a musician's paradise, the Catskills."

Warren Miller

Twila Hudson lives in her childhood home, a house in the Lincolnville neighborhood of St. Augustine.

Twila said, "My dad bought the house at auction. It was in a segregated neighborhood, and blacks couldn't live there. So he bought the lot in Lincolnville, put the house on a trailer and brought it here. I'd never seen a house on a trailer before!"

Gary Rodebaugh was a triathlete who lived in St. Augustine, competed internationally. But before he started training he was in bad shape.

“I was working in Phoenix, Arizona for a major insurance company. Part of my job was to entertain clients and management,” Rodebaugh said. “We would work all day and then party at night. I bought Wild Turkey by the case, and smoked cigarettes, up to two packs a day.”

Warren Miller

Tracy Porter looks back on her life by dates. One date is 9/11, after which her husband and she decided to leave Washington, D.C.

"My husband and our two younger sons wanted to leave Washington after that. We looked at few places, then decided to move to Jacksonville. Our younger sons were in high school and middle school. We had a nice life! We went camping a lot, and our sons were into sports, which consumed a lot of our time. Both my husband and I were working. He was, and still is an electrician, and I worked for a construction company."

Warren Miller

Kelley Norman and her husband Bob Gerard have taught English and theater at Baker County High School in Macclenny for 30 years. Kelley and Bob aren't just the best drama teachers in the area. They're the only drama teachers for miles around. Kelley was just 21 when she started teaching English at Baker, the high school she'd graduated from only a few years earlier. There was no theater program then.

"In the '60s, there was an annual school play. This year, we did "The Wizard of Oz"; a musical review of show tunes, "Broadway in Baker"; and an original play, "The Old-Time Gospel Jubilee," that we're trying to get published. Later this year, we'll collaborate with the jazz band for a blues program where our kids will be the singers, with a dance floor and desert bar in back."

Warren Miller

Don Delle Donne is a banking professional who's run numerous departments behind the scenes. It's not Don who's moved from one bank to another over his career — it's the banks themselves.

Don grew up in Tampa, and went to Florida state. After graduation, he went to work for Barnett Bank.

"Nineteen-eighty-five, I went to work for Barnett in southwest Florida. I was a Systems 36 manager, but they felt I had other talents, so they put me in credit training."

Warren Miller / WJCT

Carol Childers was born in raised in Houston.

"After high school, I went to college for a few years, and then got a job in newspaper production."

She met Dave Childers in her home town.

"We had been dating for seven years. When we finally decided that we were meant for each other, I said yes, we got married and I quit college. I wasn't ready for school."

Warren Miller

Victoria Priester moved to northeast Florida to go to college. "I moved up to St. Augustine from Key West in 2008 to go to Flagler College. It was a lot like Key West in some ways — laid back, and very nice."

She worked at a number of jobs through school. "I worked for the college, waited tables, I was a nanny, worked in retail. Every free moment I had, I was working to save and to pay for school."

Warren Miller

Reiss Tatum commanded a company of 200 troops in Vietnam.

"I decided when I was a senior in high school that I wanted to be an officer in the Marines, not in business, not in government. So everything I did in college was directed at that, and I got a commission right of college. The Marines shaped my life for the next 20 or 30 years going forward."

Warren Miller

Catherine Tappouni was born into a family that owned a construction company in Jacksonville, but her first career was teaching. She left teaching to start a fitness business, married, and then moved with her husband to Sarasota.

"I sold the business to move with my husband when he was transferred. I wasn't sure I wanted to start all over, and I had the bug to be back in the classroom. So, I went back to teaching."

Bernie Katzman spent most of his life in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx, in New York City. He loves his wife and son, his dogs, and his piano — probably in that order. But playing piano is what he does.

"When I was a little boy, maybe 3, I started hearing music in my head. My aunt Dora had a white grand piano. I remember dancing around it, lifting my hands up to play it. I was born to be an artist."