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COVID relief money; Jane Condon; Chapter endnotes; Jax By Jax Literary Arts Festival

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Dozens of nonprofit organizations, many with connections to city leaders, are in line for another $4.6 million in federal COVID-19 relief money that the City Council could allocate tonight, with only limited oversight. The list includes several organizations whose leaders donated money to City Council election campaigns, in some cases for people they know.

Guests: Claire Heddles, Raymon Troncoso — WJCT reporters.

'Chosen By Jane'

The highly successful principal of two Jacksonville arts magnet schools, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and LaVilla School of the Arts, has a new book out. We chat with former principal Jane Condon about her time as principal and her current thoughts on education during the pandemic. Her new book, "Chosen by Jane," co-authored by Carol Grimes and Susan Brandenburg, is available now.

Guest: Jane Condon — author.

Chapter Endnotes

FCC book club leader Stacy Goldring is back with a new recommendation. We talk about "The Garden of Eden," a unique Ernest Hemmingway tale that brings relevance to today's culture wars.

Guest: Stacy Goldring — Book Club Chapter Endnotes.

Jax By Jax Literary Arts Festival

The Jax by Jax Literary Arts Festival returns on Oct. 16. We got a preview of what’s to come today.

Guest: Brad Kuhn — festival director.

Patrick Cantin can be reached at or on Twitter.

Patrick Cantin is joining WJCT from the University of North Florida as a news intern for the fall 2020 semester.
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