02/16/18: A Look At The Debate Over Guns And Mental Health

Feb 16, 2018

After this week’s mass school shooting in South Florida the debate is growing over how the state treats guns and pays for mental health services.

The first funerals were being held Friday for two of the 17 victims of the school shooting in Parkland. Police said the 19 year old shooter has confessed. He bought his gun legally. Governor Rick Scott said everything’s on the table as lawmakers go back to work in Tallahassee.

Scott may run for the U.S. Senate this fall. If he does, he will face Democrat Bill Nelson, who took to the Senate floor Thursday.

“These tragedies have led so many of us to come right here to this floor and to beg our colleagues to take common sense actions that we all know will help protect our children and our fellow citizens from these kind of tragedies. And we get nowhere. So when is enough going to be enough?” Nelson said.

As Democrats in Washington and Tallahassee call for restricting gun access, Republican Senator Marco Rubio also spoke on the Senate floor. He said most of the gun proposals that have been offered would not have prevented the Parkland shooting.

“If someone decides that they are going to take it upon themselves to kill people - whether it’s a political assassination of one person or the mass killing of many - if one person decides to do it and they’re committed to that task, it is a very difficult thing to stop,” said Rubio.

We spent the entire hour on The Florida Roundup t discussing the school shootings in Parkland.

Orlando Sentinel reporter Beth Kassab and former Florida Republican Congressman David Jolly joined us for the discussion.