02/24/15: Offshore Drilling; Book Blogger Stacey Goldring; RV MegaShow; 'The Piano Lesson'

Feb 24, 2015

Credit Ed Schipul / Flickr

Seismic airgun testing by the oil industry has received approval by the Obama Administration and should commence this year, followed by potential drilling off Florida’s coast in 2017. Recently Fernandina Beach and St. Augustine joined with 25 other Eastern Seaboard towns that have passed resolutions opposing the testing. Marine scientists and environmental groups oppose drilling off Florida’s coast. Advocates for drilling say the billions of barrels of oil waiting beneath the waves are needed as part of the nation’s energy portfolio.We speak with marine journalist Robert Beringer and Erik Milito, director of upstream operations at the American Petroleum Institute. 

Book blogger Stacey Goldring joins us to discuss author Julian Barnes' novel "The Sense of an Ending" in this month's edition of the First Coast Connect Book Club.

We speak with John Schuster, president of the Florida RV Trade Association’s Northeast Florida Chapter, about the 2015 Jacksonville RV MegaShow.

And get a preview of Stage Aurora's production of "The Piano Lesson" from cast members Drickus Horne and CeDarian Crawford.

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Photo credit: "Ocean Star Drilling Rig" by Ed Schipul is used without modification under CC BY-SA 2.0.