03/17/16: ICARE; Stock Market Conditions; Swamp Radio; Kerry Speckman

Mar 17, 2016


They’re a group of hundreds of local faith leaders who have come together to create urgency around solutions to serious community problems. 

ICARE, the Interfaith Coalition for Action, Reconciliation and Empowerment, is working to mobilize Jacksonville residents to stand up for systemic change.

Thursday night, ICARE will host a rally which will address everything from jobs to homelessness, to the criminal justice system in Northeast Florida, and how to reintegrate ex-offenders.

We discuss those issues with ICARE co-presidents James Wiggins, pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, and Phillip Baber, pastor of Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville.

Stock Market

Tbe Federal Reserve did not change interest rates this week, citing continuing weakness in the global economy. 

Fed chair Janet Yellen says the central bank remained relatively optimistic about the American economy but weak global growth demands caution.

Chris Gaffney, president of EverBank World Markets, joins us with his thoughts about the Fed’s decision, and what it means for investors.

Swamp Radio

We speak with Swamp Radio writer and performer Derek Coghlan about his new one man show, "I'll Give You a Day."

Kerry Speckman

And blogger Kerry Speckman of TheSpecktator.com joins us with a look at this weekend's events around town.